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Why you should blast chill with Tecnomac

Tecnomac blast chillers are essential pieces of equipment that are relied upon to eliminate health risks, improve efficiencies and save time and money in kitchens. A Tecnomac blast chiller can take the core temperature of hot food to +3 degrees in less than 90 minutes. Bacterial proliferation is highest when food is at a temperature of between +65 degrees and +10 degrees. In fact, when food is at +37 degrees the number of bacteria doubles every 20 minutes. Blast chilling reduces the potential for bacterial growth by quickly passing these hazardous temperature zones.


Tecnomac blast chillers not only reduce the bacteria in food to a minimum, they also improve food’s quality and longevity. The chilling process immediately stops the moisture in food from evaporating, thereby preventing dehydration. The taste and smell of foods is linked to the right amount of moisture content in food.


Thanks to the longer shelf life of blast chilled food combined with Tecnomac maintaining the high quality of your food, it is possible to better plan your production by bulk cooking and chilling, eliminating the need to produce items as regularly. Vacuum packing adds to product consistency, safety and ease of storage, as well as adding valuable shelf life to the product, when used in combination with blast chilling.


Thanks to the longer shelf life of blast chilled foods and retaining the original quality, it is possible to purchase seasonal ingredients when they are less expensive, readily available and of better quality.


Blast chilling increases the shelf life of foods, extending the time to use the foods prepared in advance, and a high reduction of waste.


Tecnomac blast chillers considerably improve food safety, ensuring full compliance with HACCP, with USB connectivity and downloadable data for your records and peace of mind.

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