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Bed and Breakfast Bathroom Amenities

Bed and Breakfast Bathroom Amenities

Don’t just go with the flow when providing bathroom facilities for guests at your BnB. Make a splash by offering all the essential bathroom amenities, with a few extras thrown in. Even if your bathroom isn’t a 5-star showpiece, you will automatically elevate your guests’ experience and increase your chances of getting those all-important stellar reviews. Read on for our handy guide to must-have bathroom amenities to keep your guests clean, well-groomed and satisfied.

The Essentials

Toilet paper

Make sure you always have more than enough toilet paper for your guests by buying it in bulk. Leave extra rolls in easy-to-find places – under the sink, on top of the toilet, etc. The general rule of thumb is 2 toilet paper rolls per bathroom. Super hosts often provide 3 to 4 rolls per bathroom.


One of the first things many guests do when they check into an Airbnb is wash their hands. Remember to supply hand soap so you create a positive first impression. You can opt for liquid soap, bar soap or luxuriously perfumed soap.

Liquid hair and body soap is also a welcome addition to the bathroom. Many guests forget to bring their own or they enjoy being treated with luxurious free products.


After washing their hands, guests will want something to dry them on. Leave out clean, quality towels – provide a hand towel and full-sized bath towel for each guest. Nobody likes sharing germs, especially in this day and age.

Providing a few extra towels is a much-appreciated gesture. You can roll them up and pop them in a basket in the bathroom or right outside the bathroom door.

If you have a pool or live near a beach, don’t forget to supply some beach towels. This will stop guests from using the ones intended for the bathroom.

Shower mat and bath mat

Prevent accidents in your bathroom by providing an anti-slip rubber mat for inside your bath or shower recess. Also, leave a bath mat for the floor outside of each shower or bath so guests don’t slip or slide when they finish bathing.


A bin with a liner of some sort is a bathroom essential. Liners make it easier for you to take the rubbish out. Ideally, the bin should have a lid or a swing top.

Another tip: if you provide paper bags for the disposal of sanitary products, your female guests will be eternally grateful – and so will your plumbing, by the way.

Toilet brush

Help your guests keep the loo clean and sanitary by placing a toilet brush and tidy set near the toilet. You can select a basic toilet tidy or go with something more high-end.

Crowd-pleasing extras


For many people, a hairdryer isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. Ensure your guests have no bad hair days at your BnB or Airbnb by tucking a small hairdryer into the bathroom. You can even place it in a unique hairdryer bag to keep it dust-free.

Travel size toiletries

Make your guests feel pampered by providing a selection of toiletries, from body lotion to hand lotion, shampoo, conditioner, shower caps and more. If you buy travel-size or mini bottles in bulk, they can be a surprisingly affordable addition to your BnB bathroom facilities. Plus, they might even make some guests think they’re staying at a luxury spa.

Browse Reward Hospitality’s collection of BnB bathroom amenities

Sourcing BnB bathroom amenities that fit your needs and budget is manageable at Reward Hospitality. Browse our catalogue or contact our friendly team of consultants – they’ll answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect BnB bathroom amenities at competitive prices. Happy hosting!