• Alto-Shaam

Create unique flavour the unique way

Alto-Shaam has been at the forefront of providing cook and hold solutions for over 50 years. Since Alto-Shaam first introduced Halo Heat® technology in 1968, thousands of foodservice operations throughout the world have enthusiastically welcomed this concept for both cooking and maintaining foods at optimum serving temperatures.

Alto-Shaam's revolutionary Halo Heat® technology provides reliable and consistent quality throughout the product line. Whether you need cooking, holding or serving equipment, Alto-Shaam's superior foodservice equipment has you covered. Alto-Shaam can improve your food quality and help your operation become more efficient.


Cook & Hold Ovens
Precise, low-temperature cooking with Halo Heat® technology has perfected prime rib for decades. Free up time with overnight cooking for pork shoulder, confit and even yogurt.


Introduce bold, new flavours to your menu. The real smoke comes from real wood and
real control comes from Halo Heat® technology.


Heated Holding
Time stands still. Only Alto-Shaam Heated Holding Cabinets use Halo Heat® technology. No steam or water vapor to wash out the flavour – no hot spots or air circulation fans to contribute to moisture loss.

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