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On Trend: Navy Is The New Black

On Trend: Navy Is The New Black

Navy, and various shades of blue, are renowned for being luxurious colours. This is because historically their shade was very difficult to make, due to the availability of dyes and pigments. 

Blue is a colour that conjures feelings of safety, hygiene, and relaxation when used in décor. Brands love using blue for this reason as represented in water purification companies, cleaning products, airlines, mineral water, doctors’ surgeries, and workplaces wanting to evoke a sense of calm. 

In contrast, the colour navy evokes feelings of power and authority. It’s visually close to black (without being bold and harsh) while being a shade of blue considered relative to feelings of stability and reliability. 

It is for this reason, there is a growing trend of navy being the new black. It’s an elegant and exclusive member of the primary colour, blue, that can be teamed with others to offer a unique backdrop when it comes to décor and tableware. 

When was the last time you were served a blue or navy-coloured meal? There’s no doubt your answer is, “Never!” Now is the time to use navy as an elegant backdrop (or stage) to showcase your menu to provide an experience your diners will never forget. 

Black is so yesterday. Navy is the new black!

The versatility of the colour navy

Navy blue never goes out of fashion. Its appeal is timeless as it evolves with various fads that come in and out of favour. It’s a neutral colour that goes with any shade or hue. Think navy and tan, beige or brown. It works beautifully as an accent with these earthy colours which are tinted variants of orange and blue’s complementary colours on the colour wheel. 

Navy is also a great accent colour for those shades that need a little life introduced to them. In any setting, grey can be dull or flat when used on its own or in varying shades of grey. Simply add a pop of navy, which is a perfect match for the neutral hue, as there are no clashes with the match. 

More recent trends in navvy combinations have seen it matched with highly saturated colours like pink, purple, or lime green. The options are endless when it comes to using navy as an accent colour in your décor or setting. 

Dazzle diners with a luxurious navy table setting

Nothing screams luxury like an elegant table setting displayed on a backdrop of the colour navy. Navy (and various shades of blue) evoke feelings of extravagance. A little-known fact is the value of this colour stems back to the Renaissance age when blue pigments were the rarest and most expensive for painters to obtain. The pigment was so rare it was more valuable than gold and artists who included this colour in their artwork were revered.

Take note of this historical significance and showcase your fine dining experience with the rich naval blue hue of the Neiva Collection. The supreme quality of this crockery range is ideal for both in and outdoor venues making it the perfect piece for fine or casual dining.

The Neiva crockery is also available in blue, red, and sand which have been expertly selected to accompany the navy pieces in mix-and-match combinations to showcase your food and add colour contrasts to your setting.

Team this with a table runner and napkins in white, grey, ivory or black, and you are well on your way to providing an elegant dining experience your customers will enjoy.

Sail the seas with a navy and white naval theme

The perfect companion for the colour navy is white. Navy is a dark shade of blue, close to black, and it received its title from the dark blue worn by naval officers in various navies around the world. The colour came into use as the uniform of sailors in the early 19th century and was formerly referred to as marine blue until it adopted the now recognised term of navy blue.

A navy and white dining setting is a crisp and elegant alternative to black and white which is often used in fine dining settings. The colour combination can be elegantly accompanied by bold silver table decorations and cutlery like the Orsay cutlery collection which is simplistic and modern in design.

This cutlery is bold with its sleek curves and modern lines. They are an ideal selection for a naval-themed setting of navy and blue as these exquisite dining utensils introduce sophistication and elegance to the bold colour choice.

Another aspect to consider is introducing the colour palette to your hard-working team both front and back-of-house. These navy and white striped aprons are the ideal apparel for your team. It’s the ultimate protection from spills and grime while aligning beautifully with your décor. Add a chef’s hat back-of-house and a naval-inspired cap to your front-of-house team and you’re on to a winner with achieving a wholistic naval theme your customers will enjoy.

The navy hue of the Hamptons

If there is one blue theme that continually sees a resurgence in popularity time and again, it’s the Hamptons Theme.

This décor is easy to achieve. Commence with a white, off-white, or subtle grey backdrop. Then add natural textures like shell, rope or rattan to introduce the beachy elegance. What makes the Hamptons theme timeless is the subtle introduction of navy blue printed fabric to add a little nautical flavour without being too literal.

This sophisticated style is bright and classy, a fusion of American and French design, without being over the top. It’s timeless and you cannot go wrong with a Hamptons theme when it comes to decorating your restaurant or dining setting.

Give your diners a passport to the world

If there’s one thing we’re all craving now, it is a global experience. Take some inspiration from the Australian passport with a navy and silver theme.

Passports were designed to reflect the national identity of the country and Australian passports reflect this in navy blue and silver. The choice of blue passports for countries, such as Australia (including Africa, Central and South America, and select nations in the Pacific) use blue or navy as a symbol of New World countries in these regions according to the UK’s Telegraph.

You can take inspiration from this with an invitation for your diners to travel the world from the comfort of your establishment. Use navy and silver as the backdrop, taking inspiration from Australian passports, and invite them to navigate the various global dining experiences you have on offer. This can be achieved with standard navy and blue table settings, décor, crockery, and cutlery consistently used. Throw in a different country every month with custom-printed napkins or placemats (Reward Hospitality can facilitate custom printing) and you’re on your way to fulfilling your customers’ every desire to travel the world in a time when this is near impossible due to COVID-19. Check out another trend we have on offer, “Around The World” for inspiration about different cuisines to give your diners their craving for a travel fix.

Introduce a touch of navy or blue with your drinkware

There’s a lot of fun to be shared with the service of beverages or cocktails. Spruce up your drinkware with a range of blue tumblers from the Baya and Saint Romain ranges. They’re the perfect accompaniment to your naval theme without overwhelming your guests with shades of navy. There are many colour options at your disposal in each of the ranges which will complement your navy colour scheme.

Navy really is the new trend

Have we caught your attention? Are you converted to the trending belief that navy is the new black? There’s a world of options when it comes to including navy in your dining, décor, kitchen, and so much more.

Browse our catalogues for the latest trends. We have so many more products available to help you deliver a casual or fine dining experience for your customers. We also have options for those who want to provide a little navy pizzazz for those in aged care facilities, mining camps, educational institutions, and so many other industries.

We understand it can be overwhelming when trying to select appropriate tableware, drinkware, food packaging, uniforms, and anything else your business may need. We’re here to help make the decision and ordering process easier for you.

Contact Reward Hospitality via phone, email, online chat, or via the contact form on our website and we’ll be in touch to arrange a suitable platform and time to discuss your needs so we can help you get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ll even come to you for a one-on-one discussion if that’s your preference. Contact us today to arrange a tailored consultation that suits you!