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Fill your kitchen with functional, quality kitchenware that helps you better utilise your kitchen.



For many in the industry, catering is a business founded on warmth – there’s a unique sense of care involved in crafting dishes with kitchenware and providing comfort through food. Whether it’s for a wedding, a commemorative event, or a simple family gathering, quality catering enhances a memory.

This principle is also why Reward Hospitality believes that the quality of your catering equipment is as vital as your ingredients. You don’t want to use the wrong tools for a business like catering event, where the clientele discerns your service and product with all five senses.

The key to successful catering is having the right kitchen equipment. Let’s talk about kitchenware and refresh our memory of the basics.

What is the difference between kitchenware and utensils?

The terms ‘kitchenware’ and ‘utensils’ have become interchangeable and synonymous. While not technically inaccurate where homewares are concerned, they’re not the same thing either. Here are the main differences between the two.

Kitchenware is defined as any implement, equipment, or appliance that is primarily used for either preparing or serving food. It also includes anything specially designed to hold or store food immediately before or after preparation or cooking.

In a nutshell, kitchenware is any tool you use in your kitchen. Your Rational combi oven? That’s kitchenware. Your Zuma plates? They’re microwave-safe, so they’re kitchenware too. In the most technical sense, anything that counts as commercial kitchen supplies is kitchenware. It falls under the term if it’s something designed for kitchen use.

There is still some nuance to kitchenware, though. For example, china does not belong to it, as china and other tableware or dishware are designed primarily to present and serve dishes.

Meanwhile, utensils are small and typically hand-held implements – such as knives, forks, and spoons – used to handle, serve, plate, or eat food. All utensils are kitchenware by their function, as even the meagre teaspoon or dessert fork may find a place in a chef or pâtissier’s station; however, not all kitchenware are utensils.

Utensils that overlap across different types of wares can get confusing. For example, cutlery may also be considered utensils uniquely designed for dining. The overlapping functions of utensils and certain types of dishware can make shopping for restaurant supplies a head-scratcher without a guide for reference.

From the kitchen to the dining room

With regards to kitchenware, separating what you use strictly in the kitchen and what you use for the dining area ultimately depends on your target client base. Some won’t mind a pot of stew served in stone cookware, while others may raise an eyebrow. On the flip side, exquisite cutlery may raise some eyebrows if you’re catering for a laid-back gathering out in the bush.

What truly matters is the quality of your kitchenware and utensils. Dining is a sensory experience, and true quality is always discernible, whether from the subtle weight of cutlery or the texture of durable melamine cups.

Invest in a good set of tools; they’ll keep your kitchen and customers happy for years. If you’re looking for a starting point on industry-favourite brands, Reward Hospitality features supplies from the likes of Stölzle, Zuma, Panasonic, Frymaster, Robot Coupe, Pac Foods, and Kleenex.

What should I consider when buying kitchenware online?

There are a few overarching points when it comes to consolidating your shopping list for kitchenware and related restaurant equipment.

Start by ranking which aspects of the supplies or equipment you want to prioritise. The desired quality of cookware, for example, may lead you to more artisanal or hand-crafted brands, which subsequently may have limited distribution in your area or retail at certain price ranges.

Conversely, if you prefer brands that are already familiar within your industry, you can then further narrow down your supplier options based on other criteria, like delivery turnaround or reliable customer support.

Reward Hospitality provides high-quality tools and equipment for food service businesses and other hospitality industries. We offer expert advice to those seeking advice on fine-tuning their business model, managing their supply chain, or finding the right tools for their niche market.

Pricing, of course, is also a consideration – look for suppliers that either offer price-matching or have competitive industry prices for premium quality supplies. Identifying your options will help you find a middle ground between market prices and your budget so that quality won’t be sacrificed for price.

Reward Hospitality’s Price Match Promise ensures that you get the best products, with the best service, at the best prices. We’ll match published competitors’ prices on like-for-like products, so you’ll get great deals on essential and commercial-grade items such as kitchenware.

Supplier reputation is another important factor. You’ll want a supplier that is professional and in good standing within your industry, especially if you’ll need to make a bulk purchase or need quick delivery for rush orders.

Reward Hospitality is Australia’s trusted hospitality store, and many individuals and businesses alike can attest to the quality of service you get from us, whether it’s for our fast delivery or our customer support.

We also suggest taking note that your supplier, retailer, or wholesaler is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation, a voluntary initiative between Australian governments and the packaging industry to reduce plastic packaging’s environmental impact. 

Reward Hospitality is a proud member of APCO, and we aim to expand our eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options for Australian businesses and services further.

How do I find the best deals on home kitchenware in Australia?

There are a few ways to find good deals on premium restaurant-grade kitchenware: you could go online and search through merchant websites, ask for supplier recommendations, or personally drive around your locale and find a supply warehouse.

Alternatively, you could just visit us at Reward Hospitality.

Reward Hospitality has years of experience supplying and delivering hospitality essentials like crockery and kitchen homeware, with over twenty-six locations across Asia Pacific. We also provide customised services and industry solutions, such as in-person showroom consultations and venue design planning.

For suppliers like us, every part of your business inventory is critical to delivering a high standard of hospitality and customer care. Whether it’s a fresh batch of Tork paper towels or a brand-new set of Panasonic microwave ovens, we’ve got your back. 

We deliver nationwide, from metropolitan areas like Adelaide, Perth, and Melbourne, as well as select regional areas. Plus, if you purchase your supplies from our on-hand stock, we’ll fulfil your orders within twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

You can visit our physical stores and showrooms for in-person consultations or take advantage of our online kitchenware catalogue for convenient purchasing. Elevate your business with premium kitchenware supplies, and order from us today!

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