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Essential Cooking Equipment for a Commercial Kitchen

Essential Cooking Equipment for a Commercial Kitchen

Choosing the right commercial kitchen equipment is arguably as important as the right menu. Thanks to technology, appliances can be accurate to 1 degree. Materials are stronger and corrosion-resistant. Data can be collected and stored in the cloud for later analysis and HACCP control.

In essence, modern commercial kitchen appliances are more durable, efficient and safer than ever before.

Commercial Ovens

Combi ovens are versatile, powerful and equipped with smart technology. Modern combi ovens can collect data for HACCP and menu analysis.

Rational are the industry leaders. Their iCombi ovens can be pre-programmed to cook consistently, perfect for when staff numbers are low or lacking experience. Slow-roast lamb shoulder, bake flaky croissants or steam veggies in one oven.

Lincoln conveyor belt ovens are perfect for pizza, fish or meat. They cook 2 to 4 times faster than a conventional over and again, delivering you a consistent product with a fast ROI.

Ranges and Griddles

A kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a range. Pan-fry, stew or bake meals to your liking quickly and easily.

Australian brand Trueheat provides exceptional quality at an affordable price. Powerful, durable and functional, these ranges are designed for Aussie commercial kitchens. The cast iron burners and trivets are robust and flush so that heavy pots can be dragged from one burner to the other. Mix and match the burners and griddle to suit your menu offerings.

Garland Starfire burners direct heat where you need it. The cast iron "H" burner maintains a consistent temperature and a short recovery time. Durable and powerful, the burners can be removed and easily washed. Garland ranges also have the largest useable cooking surface in the industry.

Italian brand Mareno is perfect for an open kitchen. It’s powerful and stylish for customers wanting to watch you cook.


Commercial deep fryers can make all the difference to the humble chip and are safer and more sustainable than past models.

Frymaster deep fryers cook perfectly crunchy chips while saving you on oil. Frymaster's inbuilt filtration system reduces oil costs by 40 percent and uses 10 percent less energy. As filtration is built-in, staff no longer carry hot oil around in a busy kitchen. Burns and slip hazards are reduced. Also, oil recovery occurs while you’re cooking. So there’s no downtime.

Trueheat has an easy clean open pot design. The premium fast-action thermostat delivers tender, crunchy calamari and chico rolls, every time.


Shelving in coolrooms, storage or prep areas is often made of metal and purchased when establishments were smaller, offering a different menu to the one today. Hidden under food boxes and produce, it can often be forgotten.

Cambro shelving saves you time and reduces wastage. The shelving is incredibly durable. Rust, odour and stain resistant, the shelving can be easily assembled and pulled apart to wash in the dishwasher. You’ll reduce wastage as your stock will be better organised. Also, food won’t be trapped in hard-to-reach places, so you’ll reduce the likelihood of pests and cross-contamination.

Freezers and Refrigerators

Blast chillers allow chefs to serve a greater variety of meals while reducing waste.

Tecnomac Blast Chiller allows chefs to prepare food in advance and confidently chill it, retaining the flavour, texture and colour. Nutrients are preserved. The stress of preparing large volumes of food is reduced as most of the work has been done beforehand.

Tecnomac blast chillers also have a built-in USB drive for HACCP control and data analysis.

Ice Machines

Ice is essential when serving drinks. Rather than buying ice when needed, having an ice machine on hand saves time and money. Ice cubes come in a range of shapes and sizes suited to a variety of purposes. Ice can be square, pyramid-shaped or hollow. Flaked ice is perfect for displaying food, such as fish, that must be kept cold.

Brema Ice Machines come in a variety of sizes. Italian-made, Brema is simple to use with no computer board, so it’s more reliable and cheaper to repair. Cleaning is easy, as parts are removable, and the machine cleans itself.

Food processors and Blenders

Blenders are an essential part of any commercial kitchen, especially in summer.

Vitamix Blenders chop through delicate herbs and hard ice with ease. The heavy-duty motor and durable blades cut prep time and improve the efficiency of your kitchen. Prepare consistent smoothies, sauces and dips, both hot or cold, swiftly and effortlessly.


Quickly brown, toast or grill with a salamander. A salamander is incredibly versatile and handy, even for keeping food warm.

The durable and practical Trueheat salamander is made from quality stainless steel and features powerful 14MJ high-speed gas burners. Radiant heat seals in the juices and flavours, leaving a grilled appearance on meat and fish. Made for the Aussie taste, its sides can open for that extra-long grilled cheese on toast.

The Garland salamander has cast iron burners, directing the heat to where it’s needed. Its sleek finish looks presentable in an open kitchen or countertop.


Dishwashers are essential in any busy commercial kitchen. Newer models can save you time, water, detergent and money.

Comenda Pass-Through Dishwashers and Prime Line Undercounter Dishwashers are perfect for any size restaurant, bar or aged care facility. High-performing and great for the environment, Comenda dishwashers will also give you a faster ROI than their competitors.

Food Storage

Proper food storage is crucial to preventing cross-contamination and wastage. Containers with sealable lids, free from cracks and dents, make life a lot easier in the kitchen.

Cambro Food Containers are made from virtually unbreakable Camwear, perfect for the busy kitchen. Corrosion, odour and chemical resistance, these containers are built to last. Food is kept fresher for longer and is easily identifiable. Cambro makes a range of containers suitable for the coolroom, storage or holding hot foods.

Food Pre Counters and Surface

Most chefs prefer stainless steel benchtops, with good reason. They’re easy to clean, resist corrosion and in an open kitchen, match the other kitchen equipment.

Trueheat makes kitchen infill benches in various sizes to maximise your kitchen space. Mix and match your Trueheat appliances with infill benches to suit your menu items and staffing.

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