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Foodservice businesses are under more pressure than ever before.With never ending price hikes on the cost of produce and the uncertain future of labour costs, chefs and owners alike juggle the challenge of reducing operating costs whilst meeting the demands of their customers. Under constant scrutiny, foodservice businesses are expected to consistently deliver the very best to their customers in terms of taste, presentation, menu variety and all at a generous price.

Savvy operators are now looking to clever equipment solutions such as PureVac vacuum packaging machines to reduce operating costs without sacrificing product quality.

PureVac vacuum packaging machines give you the cost savings and convenience of buying meat and produce in bulk and purchasing when in season, safely storing food for later use. With PureVac technology, food quality is improved, safely sealing in the product, preventing dehydration and enhancing aroma, colour and taste.

Featuring Busch Vacuum pumps, renowned worldwide for their anti-corrosion layer to protect against liquids, PureVac vacuum packing machines offer a safe and HACCP compliant storage solution.


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