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Purchasing Quality Cocktail Shakers and Tools

Purchasing Quality Cocktail  Shakers and Tools

There’s a lot to consider when setting up your bar to serve quality cocktails in your café, bar or restaurant. In this resource, we’re focused on the basic equipment you need to produce exceptional results that will please your customers in this 101 about quality Cocktail Shakers and Tools. 

A quality Shaker Set

Display your cocktail-making skills with an impressive cocktail shaker kit available in various colours. These cocktail essentials are available in various colours that will wow your customers as your mixologists toss,  blend and pour generous concoctions to delight your guests. 

Uber Bar Tools have Proshaker Cocktail Kits available in four on-trend and sophisticated colours. These 5 piece sets include a Jigger, Cocktail Strainer, Bar Spoon, Juliep and Cocktail Shaker to help your establishment make cocktails and dreams come true. 

What is a Jigger?

Jiggers are hour-glass-shape measuring devices that are common in many bars. They are used to measure the alcoholic fluid. The top of the hourglass is larger and used to measure approximately 44ml of fluid. The bottom of the hourglass is smaller and used to measure 22ml representing the most standard units of fluid measurement in the creation of common cocktails. 

What is a Cocktail Strainer?

A cocktail strainer is essential when creating delicious cocktails. The strainer is placed on the shaker to strain the ice and flavouring ingredients, like fruit pulps and seeds, into the serving glass. It also aids in aerating the beverage during pour which contributes to the scent as well as the taste of the final product.

What is a Bar Spoon?

The Uber Bar spoon makes light work of stirring with the bonus it can also be used as a Muddler. The solid construction makes stirring a breeze while making cocktails and the extra long handle keeps hands away from the sticky ingredients ensuring the quality of ingredients and hygiene in the cocktail making and serving process. 

What is a Juliep?

Julep is a trademarked product by Uber Bar Tools and an essential utensil for straining ingredients or scooping ice. This hard-wearing stainless steel device is specially designed to strain ice and ingredients for addition to cocktails without the extra water or moisture that will dilute the final product. 

What is a Cocktail Shaker?

A cocktail shaker is a vessel that is used to mix beverages via means of stringent shaking by the mixologist. Commonly, ice and ingredients are placed in the shaker which is made from quality metal that cools quickly to chill the drink during the shaking and mixing process. 

Cocktail shakers are every mixologist’s best friend and those who are experienced and adept in the field prefer shakers that look stunning while the preparation is ‘performed’. It’s vital to select a cocktail shaker that not only looks good but is also made from quality materials that scientifically produce quality results. 

What is the purpose of using the right cocktail shaker and kit?

When creating cocktails, shaking while chilling them makes the ingredients activate and combine to deliver exceptional results. Cocktails are created using a wealth of ingredients that can include an assortment of alcohol with various properties like fruit, spices, herbs, nectar, egg whites, dairy products, and so much more. 

The concoction of these ingredients incorporates a strict science of aeration, dilution and chilling to deliver exceptional results. The right cocktail shaker and the supporting kit are paramount to achieving these results as the tools used in the process must be made from quality materials with stringent properties to achieve their individual goals. 

Cocktail shakers are used to mix alcohol with the incorporation of juices, syrups and natural ingredients which won't mix well together by simply stirring. Blending ingredients won’t deliver the same results either. The delivery of appropriate measurements expertly portioned followed by stringent shaking and straining, served over the perfect measurement of ice will deliver the perfect cocktail. 

When should cocktails be stirred not shaken?

Cocktails should be stirred when spirits containing sugar are mixed with other fluids like soda, nectar or juice. They are commonly stirred and then served over ice with added ingredients to make them visually appealing or aromatic to enhance the final result. 

What is the benefit of a bar spoon that is also a muddler?

Some cocktails like mojitos incorporate herbs and fruit that require a cocktail muddler. Muddling is the process of breaking down the fibres of the ingredients to release their flavour and scent into the concoction. Muddling commonly takes place by pressing against the ingredients and grinding them against the sides of a cocktail shaker to release their flavour and scents. 

Reward Hospitality has cocktail solutions for your bar

Whether you’re looking for help purchasing cocktail-making products that will deliver optimal results, need guidance fitting out your bar, or our expertise to design and deliver a new, professional and functional bar – Reward Hospitality can help deliver cocktail-making accessories for your bar. 

We have a huge range of products to match your budget and goals. Further to this, we have dedicated teams of experts able to provide their expertise and knowledge to guide you through the development process. We’ve also designed and delivered an array of bars and drink service solutions to everyone from neighbourhood cafes to bars and large high-volume stadiums. 

Make an appointment with one of our professionals today for expert guidance and advice. We also have showrooms located throughout the Asia Pacific region you can visit to experience our fully functioning bars with a complete set-up of equipment, fittings and barware so you can look at and feel the products in person to ensure you’re confident in your purchase. 

Want to know more? Make an appointment to meet with one of our expert Territory Managers today!