• Waldorf

Waldorf 800 Series

The Waldorf 800 Series continues a tradition of bulletproof performance and dependability with a range of European inspired equipment that redefines how the ultimate kitchen should be. An expanding range of equipment means more options and unlimited creative possibilities. Your world is now flatter with the new Waldorf 800 Series low back units deliver a seamless solution for the island suite kitchen.

More power to cook
The advanced performance made possible by the open burner design of the 800 Series gives the workhorse in your kitchen serious power to burn with the 28MJ burners, while the power of the electric cooktop is generated through heavy-duty 2.4kW radiant elements or the optional 2kW solid plate, allow precise head adjustment across the entire spectrum, providing just the right amount of heat, whatever the cooking task.

More Flexibility
More Tops and Bottoms offers an expanded range of products and features that can be configured to suit any application, if you are looking for versatility the Waldorf 800 Series can provide a low splashback option that is ideal for island suite application. Options of a 450mm wide to a 1200mm wide configurable – Cook Top, Griddles, Target Top and Bench Tops on a bench, leg stand, cabinet base and refrigeration base, the creative possibilities are almost endless.

Waldorf fryers have long set the benchmark for durability, speed and economy. The 800 Series build on this tradition with the redesigned range of fryers. Waldorf covers all possibilities with a range including single or twin pan, Gas, Electric or HPO fryers in 400, 450 or 600mm. Gas unit feature Waldorf’s unique Fast Fri technology, incorporating patented infrared burner for industry leading frying output and recovery.


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