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Cobra represents outstanding value, performance and most importantly reliability. Cobra range of equipment is ideally suited to small to mid-sized kitchens from entry-level restaurants to cafes and take-away spots.

The Cobra range of Cooktops, Barbecues, and Griddle Toasters have a unique open cabinet base offering increased storage space as standard. The 22MJ open burners are a simple two piece construction for easy cleaning. Robust controls give a HI to LO turndown to simmer position with safe push’n’turn on or off setting. When melting, grilling or toasting the Cobra Salamander is the perfect choice, with the ability to be placed on a bench or wall mounted they prove versatile addition in the kitchen.

A small kitchen often has big use for a fryer. That is why the Cobra fryer is high in performance with a 90MJ multi-jet target burner and open pan provides an effective ‘cool zone’ that delivers longer oil life and high efficiency and is easy to clean.

Cooktops - built to withstand the ever enduring demands of any busy commercial kitchen

Griddles - optioning the size of the griddle adds to the overall capacity of the Cobra cooktop

Commercial Oven Ranges - the centrepiece of any commercial kitchen that delivers on expectation time after time

Commercial Oven Ranges - built to withstand the ever enduring demands of any busy commercial kitchen

Salamanders - unlock the taste of genuine barbecue flavours

Griddle Toasters - offers full griddle plate performance plus the benefits of toasting

Deep Fryers - sleek in design, provides testament to its 25kg/hr production rate

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The Hobart HS Series Heavy-Duty Manual and Automatic Slicers include:

  • A simple to remove knife, providing maximum operator safety
  • By putting the knife in the patented knife cover it can be washed in a Hobart dishwasher for safe hygienic cleaning
  • New EASY-LIFT mechanism which removes all effort to raise or move the slicer for cleaning underneath

Hood Machines

Hobart's 4 sided energy saving hoods are light and smooth to open and are a hallmark of Hobart's hood type machines.

  • Great for high volume outlets where ease of operating is paramount
  • Range includes standard size machines for general dishwashing as well as 'L' series large chamber universal dishwashers and 'T' twin chamber series for increased capacity in premium space
  • Premax series includes Automatic Soil Removal

Under Counter Machines

  • Easy to use single button control to activate key functions
  • The Premax machine consumes only 1L of water per cycle thanks to the Steam Vapo Rinse Eco system, reducing operating costs
  • The Profi Series features a variable rinse volume as low as 2L per cycle to provide low cost and consistent results
  • Both machines feature Hobart's GeniusX2 constant wash water filtration which reduces the need to drain and refille the machine saving water, chemical, energy and operator's time

Glasswashing Machines

  • Compact and efficient, using 1.9L per cycle
  • Easy to use in either single or 3 phase power depending on site requirements
  • Increase efficiency and remove the need to polish glasses and cutlery when connected to Hobart's Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Large Machines & Systems

The Hobart Premax and Profi series of machines extends into rack conveyors and larger flight types.

  • Suitable for large restaurants, hotels, production kitchens and other similar facitilies
  • Premax rack conveyors and flight types are fully insulated to reduce transfer of heat to dish room
  • Hobart Protronic touch screen control panel provides full operational data for HACCP monitors and ease of use