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Businesses stand out with Fairtrade Tea by SereniTEA

Businesses stand out with Fairtrade Tea by SereniTEA

In an increasingly interconnected world, consumers have become more conscious of the impact of their purchasing decisions on the environment and the lives of the people behind the products they buy. Fairtrade certification has emerged as a powerful tool to promote sustainability, ethical practices, and social justice in trade.

In Australia, the demand for Fairtrade products, including tea, has been on the rise as consumers seek to make a positive difference. This article explores what Fairtrade Certified means in Australia, with a particular focus on tea as an illustrative example.

What is Fairtrade Certification?

Fairtrade is an international movement empowering farmers and workers in developing countries by promoting better trading conditions to ensure they receive fair prices for their products. The Fairtrade certification process involves strict standards that cover environmental, social, and economic aspects of production and trade.

For a product to be Fairtrade Certified, all steps in the supply chain from sourcing raw material to the final product must meet strict criteria. This includes adherence to fair wages, safe working conditions, and environmentally sustainable practices. These standards also prohibit child labour as well as mandated the provision of community development funds to improve local infrastructure and services where the product is grown, and produced for export.

Why is Fairtrade Certification good?

Using tea as an example, let's delve into how Fairtrade Certification positively impacts tea producers in developing countries like Australia.

Fair Prices

Fairtrade ensures that tea farmers receive stable and fair prices for their crops, protecting them from market fluctuations and ensuring a more sustainable livelihood.

Empowerment of Farmers

Fairtrade empowers farmers by encouraging decision-making within their communities, allowing them to have a voice in shaping their future.

Community Development

A portion of the Fairtrade premium, a sum paid on top of the Fairtrade minimum price, goes into a community development fund. This fund helps build schools, healthcare facilities, clean water projects, and other essential infrastructure, improving the overall well-being of the community.

Environmental Sustainability

Fairtrade standards require tea producers to adopt environmentally friendly practices, such as reducing the use of pesticides and promoting organic cultivation methods.

Prohibition of Child Labor

Fairtrade prohibits the use of child labour in tea production, ensuring that children have access to education and a chance for a better future.

How to recognise official Fairtrade Certified products in Australia

In Australia, Fairtrade Certified products, like tea, feature the recognisable Fairtrade logo—a blue and green symbol representing fairness, sustainability, and equity. The logo assures consumers that the product meets the highest global standards of responsible and ethical production.

Why are Fairtrade Certified products important to consumers?

Consumers are savvy shoppers, and they unconsciously lean toward socially responsible purchases when making purchase decisions. Consumers worldwide lean toward doing their bit to foster positive change in underprivileged regions worldwide such as those in tea and coffee production. By choosing Fairtrade products, Australian consumers feel they are not only benefiting but also doing their part to support sustainable farming practices while protecting workers and contributing to the well-being of the farming communities.

Consumers are attuned to recognising official standards and the official Fairtrade symbol empowers them in knowing their purchase is contributing to a greater good.

Reward Hospitality supports Fairtrade officially certified products

Reward Hospitality is not only committed to our clearly defined and honoured stance on Corporate Responsibility, but we are also committed to instilling Australia’s commitment to responsible consumption and productions, as outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
SereniTea Products

Fairtrade certification in Australia represents a significant step towards promoting ethical trade practices, social justice, and environmental sustainability in the global tea industry. In 2023, Reward Hospitality engaged SereniTEA whose products are not only high quality, organic, and forward-thinking, but the company also prides itself on social and global responsibility making them a leader in the field of Tea production and delivery encompassing flavours that are beyond the experience of everyday tea service and delivery.

Shop the SereniTEA range encompassing the SereniTEA and Zoetic range of blends with products and flavours to suit any business or any size. It’s Fairtrade and your guests will be helping the growers, communities, and distributors of these products while enjoying a quiet moment with a cup of exceptional brew. 

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