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Making Your Menu Look Great On Your Website

Making Your Menu Look Great On Your Website

The menu on your website should look just as great as it does in person. If you're neglecting your online menu, you could be missing out on more business than you realise. The reality is, 93% of restaurant-goers look at a menu before they physically go to the venue. The quality of your online menu will reflect on your restaurant, so why not give it some extra attention? A visually appealing online menu is key to keeping up with competitors and setting your restaurant apart. The good news is, you don't have to be a web designer or especially tech-savvy to clean up your digital menu. Here are our top tips for making your menu look great on your website.

Ensure It's Easy to Navigate

If your menu is too complex to navigate, potential customers will likely click off and opt for another restaurant. Your website's menu is often a person's first introduction to your establishment. The last thing you want them to feel is frustration. 

There are a few ways of making your menu easier to navigate. You should try to use clear and simple headlines when categorising the various dishes you offer. Also, order these headlines in a way that's logical to the customer. Listing desserts after your breakfast dishes, for example, is a no-go. 

Another way of simplifying your menu is to avoid overcrowding, as having too many dishes on one page can cause some to get accidentally overlooked. 

Use Good-Quality Imagery

Your online menu is a great place to show off high-quality images of your new tables or your sparklingly clean drinkware. The keyword there, however, is quality. 

You want to avoid displaying low-quality images that are blurry, pixelated, or poorly framed on your menu (or elsewhere on your website). These images won't display what your restaurant truly has to offer, and they could give off an unprofessional or amateurish vibe. 

Choose Legible Fonts

When designing your website's menu, you may be overwhelmed by the many fonts at your disposal. The unique and cursive fonts may look appealing, but they can be incredibly difficult to read. If you want your website's menu to be legible to everyone who finds it, you'll need to use a clear and basic print font. 

Make the Most of Your Online Menu

Now that your website looks great, it's time to show it off to as many people as possible. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your new and improved online menu.

Post It on Your Webpage

To maximise your online menu's potential, it's essential to have it typed directly onto your webpage. A picture of the physical menu or a downloadable PDF simply won't do. The reason? Search engine optimisation (SEO). Menus are rife with keywords that people will use when searching for your website. Feature your menu on your actual page and avoid missing out on this SEO boost. 

Make It Sharable 

Include a share button on the webpage the menu is featured on. This makes it easy for readers to share it with their family and friends, effectively spreading the word about your amazing selection of food and beverages!

Update It Regularly

It doesn't cost anything to update your online menu, so be sure to update it regularly to include specials and promotions.

Request Emails

Your online menu shouldn't only be accessible as a downloadable PDF. However, you should have a PDF copy available to email people at their request. Create a widget to display by your online menu that asks people to enter their emails if they'd like to receive an emailed copy. This is convenient for potential customers and increases your database.

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