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Reducing Hard Water For A Cleaner Finish

Reducing Hard Water For A Cleaner Finish

Sparkling glasses, gleaming dishes and shiny cutlery straight from the washer are not reliant on ensuring you have the best and most effective chemicals. A glorious clean requires the right water treatment and chemicals. But what does this mean? Implementing a suitable and high-quality water treatment solution such as water softeners to treat the water thus resulting in machine longevity and a better wash result due to less limescale and build-up that makes the water ‘hard’ and less efficient.

What is hard water?

Hard water is the amount of calcium and magnesium, as well as other minerals, in water. When it rains, water is considered soft as it hasn’t been in contact with minerals. When water travels from a water source through pipes, it picks up many numbers of contaminants and minerals on its journey which makes it ‘hard’.

What are the effects of hard water?

Over time, the hardness that is present in water deposits itself over the machine and dishes as a white non-soluble crust. Softened water prevents limescale deposits and eventual damage to the ware washer. There is also the added benefit of the detergent and rinse aid performing to their optimum levels, which ensures better washing and drying performance and reduced consumption.

How do I remove hard water?

You can remove hard water through the following processes to ensure a bright and clean result in not only your equipment but your crockery, glasses, and cutlery as well. Ensuring you remove or reduce hard water elongates the time between maintaining your wash equipment as it ensures all pipes and internal wash surfaces are clean and free of build-up longer.

The processes of removing hard water include:

Water Softening Solutions

Winterhalter’s MonoMatik 3 water softener functions on the basis of the ion exchange principle and is different as a result of the lower water and salt consumption. Its countless control head enables precise water hardness adjustment on site. Regeneration is triggered automatically by the water flow in the control head. The brief regeneration of 10 minutes enables efficient operation with minimal waiting times. The MonoMatik 3 can be used for mains water hardness of up to 40ºdh

Winterhalter’s DuoMatik 3 water softener with its two ion exchange cartridges which alternate during the softening process, the DuoMatik 3 enables continuous water treatment without a regeneration break. The external device controls softening and regeneration mechanically with the need for electricity. The DuoMatik 3 can be used for mains water hardness of up to 40ºdh


Reverse Osmosis

Winterhalter’s reverse osmosis treatment devices will remove up to 35ºdh as well as remove 98% of impurities, water is pressed through membranes by means of mechanical pressure achieving clean and sparkling items from the washer with no need for polishing.

The Winterhalter Excellence I & AT Excellence Series of reverse osmosis is an easy-to-install solution that guarantees an optimal and polish-free result. Visit this product on our website for more details.

Reward Hospitality will help you make the right choice

We understand that quality is paramount when it comes to your business and the equipment you use within it. That's why we're proud to offer you our extensive range of commercial kitchen equipment, including water softeners that can help you to maintain a high-quality wash result.

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