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The Perfect Partner for Pie Shops & Bakeries

The Perfect Partner for Pie Shops & Bakeries

When it comes to running a bakery, patisserie or gourmet pie shop, every detail matters. From the quality of ingredients to the way the final product is presented to customers, how it tastes when a customer takes their first bite; ensuring that it tastes as good as it looks is crucial. This is where the Roband Heat ‘n’ Hold food display warmer shines. This high-quality Australian-made product offers an unparalleled combination of functionality and aesthetics that makes it a must-have for any bakery or pie shop.

Chris Oakes, the owner and operator of Shhmoakesys Gourmet Pies on the Central Coast, and winner of Wotif 2022 Best Pie, shares his experience with the Heat ‘n’ Hold and how it has transformed his business operations. Shhmoakesys is known for its unique gourmet pies made with smoked meats, like delicious brisket, deviating from traditional pie fillings to offer something truly special. Chris’s passion for quality and innovation led him to invest in the Heat ‘n’ Hold, and he couldn’t be happier with the results.

“Our business relies heavily on a production kitchen in Somersby and deliveries to our stockists. We also participate in markets and are planning to set up a wholesale shop soon,” Chris explains. “The Heat ‘n’ Hold is crucial for both our market setup and our future shop. It acts as both a heating and holding unit, which means we don’t need an oven to preheat the pies. This saves us time and simplifies our setup.”
One of the standout features of the Heat ‘n’ Hold is its ability to hold up to 200 pastry items, and the warm integrated lights display them beautifully, making them look and taste irresistible to customers. “The display is fantastic. It really showcases our pies in the best possible way,” says Chris.

Equipped with dual elements and fans, the Heat ‘n’ Hold ensures even warm air circulation and consistent cabinet temperature. This technology keeps all pastries warm, delicious, and moist, at an optimal eating temperature, allowing them to stay on display longer without compromising quality. “Our pies remain crispy and moist, exactly how we want them,” Chris notes. “The equipment is easy to use, and clean, and because it’s only 10 amps, it’s very portable. Anyone can use it.”

The Heat ‘n’ Hold has truly revolutionised the way Shhmoakesys operates. Its ease of use and maintenance, combined with its ability to eliminate the need for an oven, makes it an invaluable asset. “It’s incredibly user-friendly and perfect for our needs,” Chris adds. “We get crispy pies that are safely heated and held, and the customers love it.”

In summary, the Heat ‘n’ Hold is more than just a food display warmer; it’s a game-changer for any pie shop or bakery. By keeping pastries at the perfect temperature and displaying them in the most appealing way, it helps businesses like Shhmoakesys Gourmet Pies deliver the best possible product to their customers. For anyone in the food service industry looking to enhance their offerings, the Heat ‘n’ Hold is an investment that pays off in spades.

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This guest resource is written by Roband, Leading supplier of food service equipment.

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