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Your Buying Guide to Start a Pizza Business

Your Buying Guide to Start a Pizza Business

With two out of ten of the biggest fast-food franchises in Australia being pizza restaurants, it’s safe to say that the pizza business is booming in the country. So if you’re thinking of opening a pizzeria or adding pizza to your regular restaurant or café menu, you’re on the right track. Of course, you need to back your pizza scheme with a solid business plan, skills and know-how. You’ll also need to invest in the right kitchen equipment and pizza supplies to kick-start your goal. To help you with this step, here’s a handy buying guide you can use to start a pizza business.

Dough Maker

If you’re cooking for your family, using handmade pizza dough is great; however, you’ll need a dough-making machine or mixer for a commercial pizza business. With this equipment, you can make both pizza and pasta as it can handle a variety of dough types.

For your high-volume pizzeria needs, a spiral mixer can provide you with high-quality dough. But if you run a modest pizzeria or only need to make small batches of pizza, you may opt for a planetary mixer with adjustable attachments. You can use it to slice, grate, grind, mix, and more.

Dough Roller/Sheeter

Rolling pizza dough balls into bases can be done easily with the help of a dough roller or sheeter. This piece of equipment is also helpful for making uniform-sized pizzas. This is done by rolling dough balls of various weights via a dough roller to create different pizza base sizes. The dough roller is also handy for making thin-crust pizzas.

Pizza Preparation Table/Bench

The ideal pizza preparation bench or table allows you to work on the dough with plenty of elbow room. In addition, it has refrigerated compartments designed for storing freshly made ingredients you require during pizza preparation. It should also feature bottom refrigerated storage space for fresh, wholesale pizza supplies.

Pizza Preparation Utensils

Various utensils for pizza preparation and service are essential to your list of commercial pizza supplies, including the following:

•    Graters

•    Pizza cutters

•    Pizza dough dockers

•    Pizza pan racks and dollies for pizza dough boxes

•    Pizza pans, trays, and separators

•    Pizza peels and stones

•    Pizza plates

•    Pizza pan grippers

•    Rolling pins

•    Storage solutions for your ingredients

•    Food labels for your ingredients

Pizza Oven

The number of pizza orders you anticipate serving on a daily basis will play a big role in your selection of the right pizza oven for your business.

  • Low-volume production: Low to moderate pizza demand is likely for a café or restaurant with a diverse menu. A commercial convection pizza oven will likely suffice in meeting your low-volume pizza needs. 
  • Medium-volume production: You can pick between a pizza deck oven and a brick oven if you have medium-range production needs. 
  • High-volume production: A quality commercial prover and conveyor oven would be the best option if you plan on producing hundreds of pizzas daily.

Aside from the oven, you’ll need certain pizza oven supplies like a pizza bubble popper, rake, pizza crispers, and many others. Remember, the pizza oven materials you need will depend on the kind of pizza oven you’ll be using.

Remember, the pizza oven materials you need will depend on the kind of pizza oven you’ll be delivering. Reward Hospitality can take the hassle out of ensuring you invest in the appropriate equipment and accessories. Our team of equipment experts is available to offer advice as well as details about the finance options we have available. 

Pizza Serving Boards and Takeaway Boxes

Whether your customers are sitting in or ordering pizza, make sure your pizza is presentable and appealing. Use serving boards to make your pizza dishes appetising for dine-in customers. You’ll also need branded takeaway boxes that are durable enough to hold the pizza for those guests to take their meals home, or for pick-up or home delivery. We have a vast range of pizza boxes available including plain pizza boxes which are ideal to purchase with our custom printing service. Make a statement and take advantage of the marketing opportunity by branding your pizza boxes with your logo or an identifiable design your customers will associate with your business. 

Opening a pizza shop, or adding pizza to your existing menu does not need to be a daunting experience. Reward Hospitality has all the equipment and hospitality solutions you need to get started. Other pizza supplies may become necessary as your business grows, but this list includes all the essential equipment and tools for starting a pizzeria business. 

If you're not sure where to start, contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our sales reps or equipment experts who will be able to point you in the right direction regarding your setup and provide you with expert advice.  We help with everything from equipment advice, venue design, and branding your packaging to name just a few of our services. We also offer a suite of finance options to help you launch your new endeavour. 

Have a browse through our extensive range of products and please get in touch if you have questions or if you're ready to book an appointment with one of our expert advisors today!

Save Your Cash, Use SilverChef’s!

When starting up a pizza business, cash flow can often be a challenge, with more cash going out of the business than coming in.

SilverChef can finance the equipment you want, enabling you to hold onto the precious cash you need to get your business up and running. 

Instead of making a large upfront outlay, you pay for the equipment in small, regular amounts with the money it helps you make. 
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