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What To Consider When Buying A Commercial Blender

What To Consider When Buying A Commercial Blender

The array of options available when selecting the perfect blender for your business can be overwhelming. There are various types, brands, wattages, jug capacities, sizes, some for fluids, others for food preparations - the list of options goes on and on.  We've developed this buying guide to help you narrow down the options when selecting a blender.

Types of commercial blenders

Why is wattage important when selecting a blender?

The make of the processing jar on your blender is important

Consider the capacity you need

Where will the blender be used? Is noise a factor?

Blender recommendations based on industry or need

Aged Care



Coffee shops


Ice crushing

Juice bars


Mine sites



Assorted blenders available at Reward Hospitality

The types of commercial blenders

When purchasing a blender, you must identify why you need a blender so you can narrow down the options of the types of blenders available. The list of options is long and it’s vital you recognise exactly what you’re looking for to ensure you select the ideal piece of equipment for your business.

The first step is identifying why you need a blender so you can narrow down the options to the specifications you need. The various types are:

Bar Blender or Milkshake Maker

A commercial bar blender is perfect for liquids. They are ideal for juicing, making cocktails, mixing milkshakes, and concocting any mix of liquid ingredients your bar, coffee shop, or café has on the menu. These blenders are not as versatile or robust as their food counterparts however, professional bar blenders will help you juice and mix liquid ingredients quickly and smoothly.

Stick Blender

Stick blenders offer the convenience of being able to blend and puree without transferring the ingredients from their cooking vessel or storage container. This group of mobile blenders are available in various models able to process small batches through to 400L capacities in higher wattage models.

Food Blender

These blenders are high-powered and designed for daily use without the risk of burning out. Food blenders are ideal for preparing smoothies and milkshakes while churning through foods like carrots, chocolate and ice.

Immersion Blender

This is a popular appliance in commercial kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, aged care homes, schools, and large production kitchens like those present on mine sites. These large models are ideal for preparing food in bulk like mashed potato, pureed soups and sauces, whipping cream, and so much more. Unlike food and bar blenders, immersion blenders are used for soft foods only to whip them into a paste, sauce, or puree.


A juicer separates the skin and fibre from the liquid in fruits and vegetables. Extracting the juice from fresh ingredients with a juicer maintains the colour and nutritional value in a smooth liquid (imagine it’s been put through a super-fine strainer) as used in juice bars or for iced teas.
If it’s a thicker, nutritionally enriched smoothie or puree you’re looking for, the Bar Blender is your best option as the final blending product will be thick with fewer discarded ingredients.

Wattage is important when selecting a blender

Watt is a unit of measurement of power. It’s the horsepower and strength driving your blender. The higher your wattage, the harder your blender will work to get the job done. This is an important consideration if you’re purchasing a blender for a busy kitchen. Purchasing low-watt appliances to process a lot of ingredients over a length of time will burn out quickly. Low-watt appliances, like those used domestically, are best suited for rare use. A medium-watt appliance gives a little more strength and longevity. A high-watt appliance is ready to go with whatever you throw at it as often as you need.

In short, a café that makes smoothies all day will require a stronger bar blender than a bar that churns out a couple of margaritas at happy hour.

The differences in jugs on blenders

Durability is important when considering various models for your kitchen. Each has its advantage and disadvantage. One is not better than the other as they all provide optimal processing powers when used for the correct purpose under the right conditions.

  • Polycarbonate jugs are very durable and considered to be unbreakable however they are not recommended for processing hot foods because they contain bisphenol A (BPA) which can break down and emit harmful resins when heated. It’s ideal for processing room temperature or cold ingredients at high levels and is the perfect companion for producing juices or tepid ingredients.

  • Co-polyester jugs are the preferred choice when processing hot or acidic foods. These are reasonably durable but not as much as those that are polycarbonate.

  • Stainless steel is highly durable, can handle foods of all temperatures, and it’s easy to clean but these options are not transparent like the other jars so it’s not as functional in a busy environment where a glance is necessary.

  • Glass blender jars are another choice. It’s easy to see the ingredients being blended to perfection however, glass can be heavy, and it is susceptible to breakage. Oftentimes, once a glass jar is broken it’s time to buy another blender as the jar may be difficult to replace.

Is the blender capacity important for your business?

If you’re planning on making a couple of servings at a time capacity isn’t a vital part of selecting a blender. However, if you are working in a commercial kitchen, a busy restaurant, you feed numerous patrons in a hospital, an aged care facility, at a school, or on a mine site, then capacity is a vital component in selecting the right blender.

Huge production of liquids and food can be achieved with a blender that holds a jar with high capacity. Why process ingredients in a standard jug when you can use a Vita-Prep 3 blender with a 2L jug, or a Vitamix XL Blender with a 5.6L jug to get the job done in less time.

Where will the blender be positioned? Is noise a factor?

Another consideration is the noise the blender will emit when being used. A blender used at the front-of-house (amidst other equipment, customer conversation, and interactions) requires noise reduction if this is a focus for you when selecting the right blender. There are blenders available that consider noise and they’ve been specifically produced to reduce vibrations, so they’re quieter, without imposing on your customers.

Recommended blenders based on industry or need

There’s an infinite number of reasons a business or individual requires the use of a blender in their daily activities. Trying to find the right one for the job can be challenging. We’ve put together this list to help you narrow down your decision but please note, this list is not conclusive. There are many other options available in our Equipment Catalogue to suit your budget or the space you have available to house one of these.

We’re here to help. If you’re not quite sure which type or model is right for you – contact us so one of our friendly team can help you pick the right blender for your requirements.

Aged Care

The Robot Coupe has a lot of grunt for commercial food preparation including busy restaurants, hospitals, catering businesses, aged care facilities, and schools requiring power to process and prepare food in large capacities.


We’ve got you covered with everything and anything you need regarding blenders. From ice crushers to milkshake mixers, quiet blenders, and juicers. If it’s fine quality beverages you want to shake, stir, mix, and blend – it’s fine quality blenders we have for your selection.


It’s difficult to narrow down the ideal blenders for use in cafes. There are so many uses for quality blenders in cafes, front-of-house or back-of-house, we recommend contacting us so we can arrange a consultation via online chat, email, over the phone, or in-person with one of our sales representatives. There’s no doubt we have the perfect solution for your café. We just need to identify your needs and wants so we can narrow down the options available to you for you to select from.

Coffee Shops

From milkshake makers to low-noise blenders used front-of-house, we have the appliance you need to get the job done. If freshly squeezed juice is on the menu, you’ll find the ideal juicer in our catalogue to deliver the goods. Menu prep will be a whole lot easier with one of the many blenders we have available. Our customer service team and your local representative are available for a consultation to help you find the best equipment for your needs.


The Robot Coupe has a lot of grunt for commercial food preparation including busy restaurants, hospitals, catering businesses, aged care facilities, and schools requiring power to process and prepare food in large capacities. Our healthcare team are on standby to provide expert advice about the best equipment we have available to help you provide nutrition to your patients. 

Ice crushing

The Santos Ice Crusher makes both fine and coarse crushed ice with manual and automatic functioning modes. You can make up to 1.2kg of ice in 30 seconds with this piece of equipment making it an ideal addition to any bar, restaurant, food van, or café. If you’re looking for a machine that takes up a little less space, the Ceado Ice Crusher produces 2kg of ice per minute in a light alloy housing with stainless steel container for easy movability.

Juice Bars

Robot Coupe, Santos, Ceado, and Kuvings have you covered when it comes to centrifugal or cold press juicers. Available in various sizes and wattages, our collection of juicy options contain the right model for you. Contact us if you need a little help navigating the array of juicers on offer in our vast range. 


Is there anything better than a well-made milkshake from your local café, restaurant, coffee shop, or food van? We have everything you need (except the ingredients) to get the job done. From milkshake blenders to ice-crushing machines, cups and straws. Reward Hospitality has everything you need to produce the perfect milkshake, thick shake, or smoothie.

Mine Sites

Time is of the essence and producing an array of healthy food for the masses can be challenging. Our ranges of blenders provide options that will help get the job done as quickly as possible without compromising the quality and nutritional value of your menu.


Our entire catalogue of blenders contains everything you need whether it’s for food prep or beverages. Wattage, capacity and purpose are the deciding factors when selecting the best blending appliance for your business. If you’re having a little trouble trying to decipher the equipment that is best for your needs, our customer service team and field representatives are available to help you through your purchase decision. One product may do the job. You may need three. Let us help you determine the best options for your restaurant so you can get on with the job of delivering quality food for your diners. Contact us for a consultation via phone, chat, email, or in-person to find the best solution for you. 


The options are endless when it comes to finding the right blender for your school. Whether it’s for mass catering, tuckshop menus, or the staff lunchroom – we have the solution for your facility. Our dedicated team of education-focused field representatives are available to help you navigate the decision of purchasing the right blender based on your needs. Give us a call or send us an email to request a meeting with one of our education experts who will navigate you through the process of purchasing the ideal appliance for your school based on your need and budget.

You’ll find the perfect blender at Reward Hospitality

You’ll find a comprehensive range of equipment and appliances to suit your requirements on our website. Our dedicated team of equipment specialists are on hand to help you find the right appliance for your business. We also have finance options available if you need assistance procuring your equipment. Give us a call, or send us a message, to arrange a chat with a member of our National Equipment team.

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