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Ideas For Christmas Table Decor

Ideas For Christmas Table Decor

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The work Christmas party events and celebrations are in full swing, and it has been a challenging year we’d all like to put behind us as we get into the swing of the festive season. 

We thought we’d take this chance to share a glimpse of the array of products and accessories Reward Hospitality features in our expansive range of products to shed light on the opportunity for cheer and glee at this time of year. You’re sure to find inspiration in this list we’ve put together celebrating four traditional Christmas themes and combinations.

The Reward Hospitality family wish you all a wonderful and safe Christmas full of merriment and joy.

Reward Hospitality | Silver Christmas Table Decor


What’s not to love about silver? It’s the perfect representation of simplicity and decadence. We can hear the chorus of, “Silver bells, silver bells – It’s Christmas time in the city” as we prepare this list of silver inspirations for you to consider for your guests’ dining experience. 

A Silver Table Setting for a Sophisticated Christmas

Start the celebrations with a backdrop of silver with a Lisah table runner in ivory or be bold with a Lisah table runner in grey. The benefit of these 24-metre rolls of brilliance is their delicate perforations making them suitable for high-turnover venues as they serve as not only runners but placemats too. 

The Lisah range includes quality paper napkins in grey that is great value for money without compromising on quality. The quilted feel gives a sense of luxury to your guests while they feast on the bounty you have on offer. 

Add Silver Bling to your Dining Setting This Christmas

Is it a Christmas feast without Bonbons? These foil-embossed paisley and silver bonbons include a snap, hat, joke and gift to ensure the celebrations begin. The Christmas design on these treats will be a welcome addition to any Christmas setting and your guests won’t be disappointed. 

If you’d like to enter a little jingle to your festivities, these silver counter bells will have your venue in fits of laughter as the bells chime throughout the dining experience. You can also add a little sparkle to the festivities with LED String Lights positioned throughout your table centrepieces or scattered around your venue to bring a little Christmas spirit to the occasion. 

Abundance Served on Silver For Christmas

It’s time to celebrate with friends and family in abundance. What better way to do this than with platters plated in silver adorned with morsels and delish treats for all to share. You can achieve this with quality stainless steel platters stacked high and ready to serve. Place these down the centre of the table for a banquet everyone will enjoy as they dine on a delectable feast fit for royalty. 

Cheers with a Toast to Christmas Wrapped in Silver

Toast the festivities with a cup of tea, milkshake, or finely served cocktail with any one of these silver cups. Reward Hospitality has an extensive array of drinkware available to suit the requirements of your Christmas function. 

Let the celebrations begin with a toast. Your silver setting will be perfectly finished with a selection from our range of wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses, or cocktail glasses. Let’s toast to festivities, and put the year that was 2021 behind us, as we embark on rejoicing with Christmas cheer in preparation for a new year, new goals, and new beginnings. 

Reward Hospitality | Gold Christmas Table Decor


The festive season is a time of celebration and indulgence. There’s no better way to achieve this than with a setting bedazzled with gold. 

Elaborate Gold Table Décor

Prepare a table fit for royalty with a setting of gold that will impress and dazzle your diners. Start the experience with a platform of white table dressings to keep it simple yet elegant with a bold statement of gold accessories; Or, be bold with your choice of Lisah table runners and placemats to accentuate the exuberance of your gold theme. The choice is yours and Reward Hospitality has an extensive range of table coverings and décor to help you achieve the Christmas theme you want to present to your guests. 

If you’re looking to deliver a banquet of golden dining indulgence the Lisah quilted gold napkin will make a statement as will the Lisah disposable table runner/placemat roll in mandarin which is perforated for ease of quick table turnover without compromising on quality. 

Gold Bonbons for Christmas Celebrations

It’s not a Christmas meal indulgence without the joy of hearing the snap of bonbons amidst the adornment of funny hats, the telling of enclosed jokes and the sharing of toys gifted in this traditional bounty. Dazzle your guests with these embossed paisley and gold bonbons available for purchase in packs of 50 this festive season. 

Let the Bells Jingle

Jingling bells will bring an element of glee, fun and celebration to your guests. Place a bell as the centrepiece on your table setting and listen to the chimes throughout your service. A gold bell with a handle or gold countertop bell will add to the festivities in your venue and bring many laughs to your diners as they celebrate this special time of year. 

Cheers to Christmas with Toasts from Pots of Gold

New and on-trend this year are metallic mules. While cocktails are a popular elixir to be served in these vessels, they’re suitable for an array of ales and beverages. Place these on your table setting for an old-world appeal, or simply add them for a touch of gold in the encouragement of the celebrations that are about to begin. 

There’s also no denying the golden elixir Australians take pleasure in during celebrations. We range an extensive choice of beer glasses to hold this Aussie staple with an array to suit all versions of ale with some suited to specific brews.  

Golden Light prompts your Guests to take Pics and Post

Give your diners every opportunity to take advantage of soft golden lighting with candles alight throughout your venue. Complement their dining experience with these GEM tealight glasses featuring tealight candles. A soft golden glow throughout your venue is the perfect prompt for your diners to take selfies and share pics with their social media community in their rejoice about how amazing your venue, food, and festive celebrations are. 

Reward Hospitality | White Christmas Table Decor


We’re dreaming of a white Christmas. It’s a trend that never ages and, in this day and age, simplicity is key. The beauty of white décor and Christmas settings is not only timeless and classic, but when delivered right it shouts elegance. 

Take your guests on a journey to the South Pole with a white theme reminiscent of snow-capped mountains, a sprinkling of white on Christmas trees, and the pure joy experienced at this magical time of year.

On-trend White Table Décor

White on white is a magical setting for Christmas. Preparing a dining setting commences with a lush white table cover to set the scene. If you’re looking for a disposable option the white Lisah table cover makes for a perfect start. Match this with a white disposable table cover and you’ll be dashing through the snow with speedy table turnovers while offering a quality setting. If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious in your table covering you can’t go wrong with the traditional white polyester tablecloth which is the perfect backdrop for a fine dining experience. 

We also stock the Lisah table runner in white. The beauty in this range is that they’re not only disposable but they’re perforated as well with a cut every 300mm making them suitable for high turnover businesses that could benefit from these rolls being suitable for not only table runners but placemats too. 

White settings for Christmas dining

If you’re making the effort to set the table for a white Christmas dining experience, you’re going to need some white napkins to aid your diners in salivating over your table décor and menu. The Superior embossed paper napkins are a perfect choice. Their design will add texture to your dining setting with the bonus of being an eco-friendly solution without compromising on feel and quality. Reward Hospitality stocks this range in 1/4 fold or 1/8 fold to suit your needs. 

White Christmas Bonbons for the win

It isn’t Christmas without the festivity of Bonbons. Add classic festive cheer to your white table décor with these paisley and silver bonbons featuring a Christmas design with the inclusion of the snap, a hat, a joke and a gift. These treats are sold in packs of 50 at a very special price this month or while stocks last. 

Decorate your Christmas setting with Candles of White

Beautiful lighting helps set the scene for the banquet you deliver and there’s nothing more beautiful than the soft glow of candlelight to put the romance of Christmas in the air. Scatter pillar candles throughout your venue to complement the glowing reviews your guests will share with their social network. Our range of Eurovap white wax pillar candles will be available in heights of 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm.  

Showcase Christmas Food and Drink in an Abundance of White

Set the scene with a stage of white showcasing canapes, entrees, side dishes, mains, desserts, and everything in between. The Essentials Collection Basics range of crockery features over 150 pieces to get the job done. This high-quality collection is made from commercial-grade porcelain and they’re suitable for freezers, microwaves, ovens and dishwashers. You’ll find the perfect vessel or platform for your Christmas menu in this collection that won’t disappoint. 

If an exquisite fine dining experience is more to your palette, Reward Hospitality also stocks an extensive range of white fine bone china sourced globally. We have you covered for every scenario with a range of thousands of products to suit you. 

Christmas cheer with a toast to celebrate

It’s time to celebrate and cheers to a year gone with a new beginning to come. Adorn your table with wine glasses suited to white wine like Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Moscato, Viognier and the like. These are best served in quality glasses you’ll find in our extensive range suitable for all budgets.  

If it’s a glass of bubbly you’re after, our range of flutes to celebrate with champagne will leave you lost for choice as you browse the beautiful options we have on offer. You’ll be enamoured by our timeless pieces which also include coupe glasses for those who want to step back in time to an era of elegance.

From ours to yours, Reward Hospitality wishes you a Merry Christmas

Hasn’t the year flown by in a whirlwind of wins and challenges?! It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating Yuletide amid a global pandemic most of us understood little about. We’d like to thank every one of you who has joined or continued to be part of our community in 2021. We appreciate your support and we hope you in turn have found a benefit in the products and services we’ve worked hard to deliver this year.

Browse our extensive range of products and shop online today to pick up the final necessities to help you deliver a Christmas experience your guests will cherish. We have outlets throughout the Asia Pacific with Click and Collect available in most Australian metropolitan areas. Contactless delivery is also available however please note, that there may be delays due to the high demand for postal and delivery services at this time of year.

In consideration of the forthcoming festivities, we would like to draw your attention to our Store Festive Trading Hours. To plan your visits effectively, we recommend consulting our dedicated web page for the latest information. Rest assured, our online platform remains operational 24/7, ensuring uninterrupted access to our catalogue.