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The Essentials For Housekeeping Services

The Essentials For Housekeeping Services

In the accommodation business, it's impossible to overestimate the importance of housekeeping services. From cleaning and maintenance to room upkeep and guest provisions, how you look after your space has a huge impact on guest satisfaction. Whether you own a small guest room or operate a large hotel, it's essential to prioritise all aspects of housekeeping and service delivery. 

Reward Hospitality provides an array of products and services to the Hotel & Accommodation Industry and in this article, we define housekeeping for the modern hospitality industry and list essential household amenities used by all accommodation providers.

What's involved with institutional housekeeping?

In a commercial hospitality environment, housekeeping is both an operational department and a selection of guest and property management services. Housekeeping teams are responsible for looking after guest spaces and keeping people happy. While dedicated housekeeping roles are not directly concerned with customer service, they do manage provisions used by guests. Common hospitality services include cleaning, maintenance, room upkeep, and looking after shared areas. As an accommodation provider, service quality and guest happiness are directly influenced by housekeeping.

Essential housekeeping amenities

Housekeeping departments perform a wide variety of roles. From back-room support to front-of-house and direct guest contact, the quality of this support is reliant on having the right equipment. When your staff are supported with housekeeping essentials, they're likely to work faster and do a better job. More than that, however, quality housekeeping amenities can have a direct impact on guest confidence and satisfaction.

Let's take a look at the essential housekeeping amenities used by accommodation providers every day.

Guest amenities

To create a memorable experience for your guests, you need to have access to high-quality amenities. From bedding like quilts, blankets, and pillows to gift packs, laundry items, and bathroom supplies, the little things really matter in the hospitality industry. Good-quality supplies help to inspire confidence among guests and staff members. 
A janitor pushing a trolley with cleaning supplies in a silhouette

Janitorial equipment

In the accommodation industry, cleanliness is critical. From guest rooms to hallways, kitchens, and shared areas, specialised janitorial equipment and cleaning products help to ensure a safe and clean establishment. From commercial vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning pads to mops and brushes, the right gear increases efficiency across the board.

Housekeeping carts

The humble housekeeping cart is the workhorse of the accommodation industry. From the size and shape of the cart itself to the cleaning products and accessories it holds, a good cart helps to inspire new levels of efficiency and satisfaction. Common housekeeping cart items include cleaning supplies, scourers & sponges, toilet paper, spray bottles, and waste bins.

Kitchen and food services

Whether you're stocking the minibar or providing self-service equipment, food services are an integral part of every housekeeping role. From self-serve counter equipment, plates, cups and cutlery to welcome snacks and beverages, food is the missing link between housekeeping and customer service. Professional kitchenware, drinkware, and food storage items can improve efficiency and guest satisfaction in any establishment.

Uniforms and safety products

Housekeeping staff are much easier to identify when they wear a uniform, with visibility helping to promote confidence among guests and employees. Personal safety products like gloves, masks, and hand sanitisers are also essential in order to promote a safe and healthy workplace. 

Reward Hospitality helps you provide the best housekeeping solutions available

At Reward Hospitality, we have all the housekeeping items you need to improve productivity and enhance workplace safety. As a proud member of the global ECF Group, we are a leading distributor of non-food hospitality products to the accommodation industry.

If you're looking for high-quality housekeeping products at a great price, we can support your needs in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. With over 6,500 products, more than 70 supply partners, and 300+ major and exclusive brands, we have everything you need to streamline your business. Please review our product range or contact our friendly team to learn more.