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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Which commercial kitchen equipment can your food service business not survive without? You’ll want a specific answer to that question quickly if you don’t have one yet.

Getting a food service business off the ground requires a bit of know-how, and part of this knowledge is understanding the factors that make your kitchen work. Like a well-oiled machine or a tight ship, every tool, appliance, or equipment in your kitchen should contribute to a well-executed dish.

What is a bakery without a heavy-duty oven? A traditional Italian restaurant without its pasta roller and cutter? Even a mobile food stall requires commercial kitchen equipment around which their service is built.

It all comes down to identity. Let’s talk about what makes commercial kitchen equipment one of the backbones of your business.

What is considered an essential commercial kitchen equipment?

Short version: Anything you foresee getting heavy use in your kitchen is essential.

What counts as essential commercial kitchen equipment will depend on what your restaurant, diner, or food service business specialises in.

Let’s focus on the absolute bare essentials first. For restaurants, the commercial kitchen equipment list will include kitchenware or appliances. A sturdy frying pan is just as critical to your operations as a stainless steel gas range, as you cannot cook without one or the other.

Depending on your restaurant’s chosen cuisine or specialty, your catering kitchen equipment may also include knives, kitchen shears, and food processors.

Generally speaking, the identity of your restaurant should guide your kitchen and its professional kitchen equipment or restaurant appliances. It’s also a good idea to start with the essentials when you’re new since the cost of running a food service business doesn’t leave a lot of room for tools your kitchen staff won’t use.

Multifunction catering equipment is also a good option for commercial kitchen equipment. Over time, many kitchen processes have improved by leaps and bounds, such as kitchen mainstays like Panasonic microwave ovens and Robot Coupe stick blenders. Because of such progress, smart multifunction appliances have developed a certain appeal within the hospitality industry. 

In addition, it is important to consider longevity when determining the commercial kitchen equipment for a restaurant. When certain equipment is considered essential to your kitchen, find high-quality products from premium brands to ensure that they’ll last you a long time.

With over 6,500 products in our catalogue, including industry favourites like Libbey glassware and Zuma plates, chances are high that you’ll find the commercial kitchen supplies your business needs among our wares. Explore our catalogues today, and find the essential commercial kitchen equipment for your needs.

How do I choose the best commercial kitchen suppliers in Australia?

When it comes to your commercial kitchen equipment, get premium-quality and industrial-grade items that can keep up with the workload and help you serve your customers for a long time. In addition, just as each restaurant or diner has its own peculiarities and specialties, different businesses have approaches and models that are unique to themselves.

When searching for a commercial kitchen equipment supplier, consider their capacity to work with you in sourcing the ideal commercial kitchen tools that your business needs.

In this regard, Reward Hospitality stands out. Our company has extensive experience providing products and services to the hospitality and care industries in Australia and the Asia Pacific. We ensure commercial-grade solutions for your needs while providing value for money with our offers.

We also operate many physical stores and showrooms with warehouses across the country, plus an easily accessible online website with a comprehensive catalogue for industry needs such as restaurant supplies and commercial kitchen equipment.

Additionally, Reward Hospitality offers custom solutions and services tailored to the needs of specific industries. With the help of our team of experienced hospitality specialists, Reward Hospitality provides a diverse range of services, from custom printing to product consultation.

Is it better to purchase commercial kitchen equipment online?

It depends on your preference for how you source your commercial kitchen equipment.

For businesses that prefer a more hands-on canvassing before committing to a kitchen equipment supplier, Reward Hospitality has retail outlets and offers free in-person consultations in our showrooms, so you can see the products before making a decision. You may also enquire with our customer support about speaking to an Equipment Specialist regarding in-depth guidance for your business.

However, you may also enjoy the ease of ordering your commercial kitchen equipment online. Our easy-to-use online ordering platform at Reward Hospitality allows you to purchase your items at any time and from anywhere. You can easily browse by product or industry, and you can even create order templates for recurring purchases. 

Reward Hospitality offers consolidated delivery options nationwide, with delivery options for metro areas like Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, as well as select regional locations. We also have Click & Collect options for those who prefer to pick up their supplies in person from our outlets.

Finding the right equipment for your business need not be complicated. Let our team at Reward Hospitality simplify the process for you through efficient service, quality hospitality, and restaurant supply.

Order your commercial kitchen equipment from us today.

Unlocking Efficiency and Excellence: A Guide to Commercial Kitchen Equipment

In the bustling world of food service, efficiency is key. From banquet and buffet services to catering events, every commercial kitchen needs top-notch equipment to meet the demands of modern gastronomy. Whether you're running a high-end restaurant, a busy hotel kitchen, or a catering business, having the right tools can make all the difference in delivering exceptional food and service.

This comprehensive guide to essential commercial kitchen equipment will elevate your culinary operations.

Banquet & Buffet Equipment

Banquet and buffet services require specialized equipment to keep food warm, presentable, and easily accessible. This includes heated display units, plate warmers, and serving trolleys. Investing in quality buffet equipment ensures that your dishes are showcased impeccably, enhancing the dining experience for your guests.

Blast Chillers

Blast chillers are indispensable for rapidly chilling cooked food to safe storage temperatures, preserving freshness and flavour while preventing bacterial growth. These units are essential for busy kitchens, allowing chefs to prepare food in advance without compromising quality.

Char Grills & Griddles

For that perfect sear and grill marks, char grills and griddles are a must-have. Whether you're cooking steaks, burgers, or vegetables, these versatile pieces of equipment provide consistent heat distribution and precise cooking control.

Cooking centres and cooktops are the heart of any kitchen. From induction to gas, these units come in various configurations to accommodate different cooking methods and styles, providing chefs with the flexibility they need to create culinary masterpieces.

Dishwashers & Disinfectors

Efficient dishwashing is crucial for maintaining hygiene standards in a commercial kitchen. High-capacity dishwashers and disinfectors ensure that dishes, utensils, and cookware are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, reducing the risk of contamination.

Fridges & Freezers

Proper refrigeration is essential for food safety and storage. Commercial fridges and freezers come in various sizes and configurations to suit different kitchen layouts and storage needs, keeping ingredients fresh and extending their shelf life.


From crispy fries to golden chicken wings, fryers are a staple in many commercial kitchens. Whether you prefer gas or electric, countertop or floor-standing, these units deliver consistent results for all your frying needs.


Clean glassware is essential for presenting beverages in style. Glasswashers efficiently clean and sanitize glasses, ensuring that every drink served is sparkling and hygienic.

Holding Cabinets

Holding cabinets keeps cooked food warm and ready for service, maintaining optimal serving temperatures without drying out or overcooking. Ideal for busy kitchens and catering events, these cabinets help streamline food preparation and service.

Ice Machines

Ice machines provide a constant supply of ice for drinks and food displays, ensuring that your beverages are chilled and your presentations are impressive. Choose from various types, including cubed, crushed, or flaked ice, depending on your needs.

Combi Ovens

Combining the functions of convection ovens, steamers, and grills, combi ovens offer versatility and precision cooking capabilities. From baking to roasting to steaming, these units can handle a wide range of cooking tasks with ease.

Pasta Cookers

Perfectly cooked pasta is a hallmark of any Italian-inspired menu. Pasta cookers allow chefs to boil pasta quickly and efficiently, ensuring consistent results every time.

Plate Warmers

Plate warmers keep dishes at the ideal serving temperature, enhancing the dining experience by ensuring that food stays hot from kitchen to table.

Prep Stations

Efficient prep stations are essential for organizing ingredients and tools, streamlining the cooking process and increasing productivity in the kitchen.

Oven Ranges

Oven ranges provide multiple cooking options in one unit, combining burners, ovens, and griddles to meet the diverse needs of commercial kitchens.


Salamanders are used for broiling, grilling, and browning dishes quickly and evenly. These versatile units are perfect for finishing dishes and adding that perfect caramelised touch.

Shelving & Benches

Well-organised shelving and benches maximize space and efficiency in the kitchen, providing ample storage for ingredients, equipment, and utensils.


Adding a depth of flavour to meats and other dishes, smokers are essential for achieving that authentic barbecue taste.

Tilting kettles are versatile pieces of equipment used for boiling, simmering, and braising large quantities of food. Their tilting feature makes them easy to empty and clean, saving time and labour in busy kitchens.

Woks & Asian Cuisine

Woks are essential for stir-frying, sautéing, and steaming in Asian cuisine. Their unique shape and high heat conductivity allow for quick and efficient cooking of vegetables, meats, and seafood.

Water Filters

High-quality water filters improve the taste and purity of water used in cooking, beverages, and ice production, ensuring the best possible quality for your dishes and drinks.

Stands & Racks

Stands and racks provide support and organisation for various kitchen equipment and utensils, optimising space and workflow efficiency.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Investing in the right commercial kitchen equipment is essential for achieving excellence in food service. From banquet and buffet setups to cooking, chilling, and cleaning, each piece of equipment plays a crucial role in the smooth operation of a professional kitchen. By selecting quality tools that meet your specific needs, you can unlock efficiency, enhance productivity, and delight your customers with exceptional culinary experiences.

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