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Catering Supplies

The little things always matter – and when it comes to catering supplies, details are essential to reputation.

Comfort is one of the cornerstones of the hospitality industry. Customers may be more forgiving of an overstuffed parking garage or a cloudy beachside view. Still, they’re likely to discount your staff’s efforts for running out of table napkins or providing poorly made cutlery.

Individual comfort is why the hospitality industry has expanded from hotels and restaurants to offices and other organisations. Customers want good service, and many are happy to pay a little extra for softer towels, nicer glasses, or paper cups for coffee that won’t hurt their fingertips when they get their drinks to go.

That’s why sourcing hospitality and catering supplies from reputable sources or retailers is crucial. But how do you identify what’s trustworthy and what isn’t?

Here are a few questions to ask when you next canvass for catering supplies.

Is it better to purchase catering supplies online?

Sourcing your catering supplies isn’t a matter of which option is better for online and in-person catering wholesalers or mobile catering equipment suppliers. Instead, it’s better to focus on which option is more practical for your purposes and budget.

Every company or business has unique requirements for providing quality comfort service to customers or constituents. Organisations that work with the elderly or care for special needs will not have the same criteria as an insurance company looking for washroom toiletries for their walk-in clients. The same is true for vice versa. Some businesses and service providers may also prefer to consult with catering equipment suppliers in person for quality checks, while others prefer speedy delivery and faster order fulfilment.

For example, food services establishments needing bar tools or table accoutrements may prefer that their catering equipment supplies be delivered directly to their location because it’s more cost-effective than driving around town looking for matching glassware or crockery that you’ll source as bulk catering supplies regardless.

Hotels may also rely on such deliveries, especially for high-capacity periods or seasons, like the Christmas holidays or during summertime. When establishments need all hands on deck to serve their clients, it’s impractical to spend valuable human resources to ferry hotel catering supplies when there’s a delivery option available.

Your business or organisation’s needs will inform how you plan your approach towards procuring catering supplies. If possible, find a supplier that has warehouses based in areas that are easily accessible, like Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney. At Reward Hospitality, we understand you value comfort and convenience for your customers, and we want to extend that courtesy to you as well. Our Australia-wide delivery services ensure you get what you need when you need it.

How do I find the best deals when it comes to catering equipment?

It’s important to have a strong idea of what you want when you’re canvassing for catering supplies.

For example, when searching for a hospitality or restaurant supply store, you want to be specific enough to narrow the search down to a handful of catering supply options. However, you don’t want to be so specific that you leave out some choices for catering tools you might not have considered but are otherwise still perfect for your purposes.

This advice applies to in-person and online searches. A clear vision for what you need and having room for last-minute adjustments based on available supplies will help you or your procurement staff find the catering supplies you need in due time.

Looking online for reliable hospitality and catering suppliers? Look no further than Reward Hospitality.

Reward Hospitality is Australia’s leading hospitality supplier and offers physical and digital showrooms for catering supplies. We supply a wide range of hospitality supplies online and through our showrooms, from custom embroidered uniforms and brand-printed dinnerware to industry-standard kitchen equipment and cleaning supplies. We even carry exclusive brands such as Kleaning Essentials, Choyer, Pro.Mundi, Pro.Cooker, Earth Essentials, Essentials Collection, and Soft Clean – all geared towards elevating your hospitality service.

Our physical store staff and account managers offer free consultations on which hospitality and catering supplies match your business or organisation's requirements. Moreover, our online store offers consolidated shipping from any of our several warehouses all over the country.

What are some of the catering products I should prioritise purchasing?

It all depends on what you or your business want to prioritise.

Freshly opened restaurants or dining establishments may want to focus on properly-branded kitchenware and restaurant supplies.

Reward Hospitality is one such hospitality store that offers custom printing for many commonly-branded supplies, like table napkins or tableware, alongside standard supplies or equipment that helps operations run more smoothly for you and your business.

Meanwhile, service providers in the food industry searching for tools and equipment that meet industry standards will want a supplier with experience sourcing catering equipment. It’s not so that they can continue delivering quality services to their customers but also to comply with the country's health and food safety regulations.

Depending on which territory or region you’re based in, specific regulations may need to be met so your business can be approved for operations. With our experience in supplying hospitality tools and items across the Asia Pacific, Reward Hospitality can provide varied options on catering equipment supplies suited for your business model and meet industry standards. We can also advise on which supplies or tools are commonly purchased for specific business models so that you can ensure your procurement plans are adequately budgeted.

Not all hospitality and catering needs are equal, even if the driving force behind such needs are similar. Whether you’re a caretaking facility or a freshly-opened bakery, you’ll want to supply your clients with the best that you can offer – with Reward Hospitality, there’s no such thing as a detail too small.

Reward Hospitality aims to help you fulfil these details. Get your catering supplies from our company today!

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