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Around The World In Your Venue

Around The World In Your Venue

Given the global pandemic, we have been largely indoors or have had limited mobility due to various state government restrictions, and isolation rules, throughout the last year. As an owner or operator of a business in the hospitality sector, you’re likely aware that your customers are craving a fix for their next travel experience.

The pandemic has encouraged business owners and operators in the hospitality and entertainment sectors to put their thinking hats on to get creative in their operations, services, and value-adds. We live in a multi-cultural nation embracing people, traditions, cuisines, and décor from diverse corners of the world. In the last two years, going virtual, getting creative, and becoming global have gone to a whole new level.

Immerse your customers in an experience from Around The World

Enterprising hospitality companies have deployed creative ways to bring global travel experiences to customers by employing décor and food inspired by cultures the world over. With health concerns still rampant and restaurant capacities still limited, curating such experiences can help hospitality brands get customers in the door. Diners can immerse themselves in a culture from a different part of the world without travelling abroad. If you’re a hotelier, restauranteur, bartender, or café operator - you can see how this is a win-win!

Continue reading for product and service suggestions showing how you can incorporate this trend of crafting global dining experiences into your establishment. We’ve hand-picked 30 of our favourite décor and food & beverage products inspired by eight travel destinations we’re sure your diners can’t wait to escape to. These will guide you in crafting authentic experiences that evoke exotic international cultures.

Asia Calling

If your diners are serious Asian food buffs, they’re likely to have the world-renowned 32-course meal at Sushi-Sho, Ritz-Carlton or the omakase (chef’s choice) menu at Musashi on the top of their culinary bucket list. While you may not be able to recreate these, there’s lots of inspiration to help you improve your brand’s Asian food presentation. Use this Chinese-inspired Bistrot noodle bowl to serve your noodles, with wooden chopsticks to complete the look! Serving yum cha or dumplings as well? How about presenting them in these natural bamboo steamers? And while you’re at it, you may as well use these bamboo coolers to set apart how you serve your beverages.

Something English, Something American

For those afternoon teas, why not turn to English for inspiration? Create the perfect high tea experience and throw in this elegant Teapot. Serving something with a little more kick? This antique orient cup and copper mug set are perfect to serve the classic Moscow Mule and remember to garnish it with a wedge of lime. Consider adding a set of these old-fashioned tumblers or rolled-rim classic glasses for additional class to your glassware.

A Tropical Paradise Awaits 

If you’d like to go tropical, here are some fantastic Ceramic Tikibar Cooler Glasses to serve that cocktail – and they’re available in multiple colours. If you want to add an edge, go with this Skull Tiki Mug instead. Looking for something even more fruity? Take a look at these Pineapple Cocktail Coolers!

Hola, Mis Amigos

Nothing says exotic getaway like vibrant and musical Spain! Time to go Espanol with some Paella for your diners? Here are the perfect Paella Tabarca pan and stand set. Don’t forget to spruce up how you’re serving the sangrias. Here are some options for durable wine glassware. If your customers are having a great time, you’ll need this wine bucket as well. Serving spicier and stronger cuisines – perhaps Mexican? Your dips, guacamole, salsa and sides will take pride in place served in these mini slant bowls, gourmet bowls, mini pans, and square sauce dishes.

Cibo Italiano

Your diners may not be able to go truffle-tasting in Italy any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from Italian culinary inspiration. Serving fettuccine and tagliatelle? You might want to look at these Pasta Cookers to upgrade your kitchenware. These bright Red Espresso Cups are perfect for relaxing after a hearty meal, and these compostable Biocane Pizza Slice Clamshells are perfect for pizza to-go.

Into the Blue

For diners that are water babies and can’t wait to escape to the ocean, recreate a Caribbean escape with your seafood plating and restaurant décor. An abundance of seafood will set mouths watering when served on these square and round platters or platter stands. Of course, the feast isn’t complete without an accompaniment of oysters and muscles delicately displayed on this oyster plate with a coordinated oyster sauce cup.

A Night Out In Paris

If you’re going for a romantic setting at your hotel, restaurant, café or bar and are looking to the French for inspiration, nothing evokes the feel of Paris as well as a perfect batch of light madeleines! These Madeleine Moulds can be quite handy. Try serving your appetisers in these Wide-Rim Canopy Plates, or present the olives to accompany your cocktails in these Odette Olive Bowls. For the perfect finishing touch to the Parisian dalliance, end by serving dessert in this Crème Brule dish.

Island Hopping – Until The Next Time!

Take your diners on a cuisine holiday through the stunning Grecian islands of Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete with this elegant earthy Bonna Patera Range of Coupe Plates and Deep Bowls. If you’re serving seafood and want to add that extra touch to your plating, provide these Chrome Crab and Lobster Crackers as well.

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