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How Does Your Kitchen Stack Up?

How Does Your Kitchen Stack Up?

How Does Your Kitchen Stack Up?

Sick of playing an elaborate game of Tetris every time you enter your pantry? Need more space but just don’t have the time or budget to renovate your kitchen? The answer to creating a more spacious and organised kitchen could actually be simpler than you think.

Cambro shelving solutions can help you create the perfect food-storage environment. Camshelving is perfect for all heavy-duty storage needs, offering strength and durability. This easy to install shelving requires no nuts or bolts and is completely adjustable to fit your storage area. The steel core centre ensures maximum weight bearing capacity and the thick polypropylene exterior with no welding, crevices or exposed metal will ensure it never rusts. Camshelving is idea for walk-in refrigerators and freezers as cold as -38C.

Need shelving but don’t require the all benefits of heavy-duty storage? The Camshelving Basic Shelving is an affordable, easy to clean, rustproof shelving solution. Perfect for all medium to heavy-duty storage, these shelves are great for cool-rooms and dry storage. Easy to assemble and configure, these shelves offer a great way to optimise your space keep your kitchen organised.

But great shelving is just one part of an organised kitchen. So to ensure you create an environment that is easy to use why not look into Cambro Storage Solutions? Cambro storage products are designed to support a HACCP compliant operation by offering a variety of storage options for every application from receiving to storing, prepping, holding and serving.

Cambro offers a wide selection of storage products made from FDA and NSF approved food grade materials – from storage containers, ingredient bins, dunnage racks, food pans, to scoops and measuring cups. These storage solutions can also help you reduce waste but keeping all contents clearing visible.

So invest in your kitchen and create an environment that is highly efficient and practical with help from Camshelving and Cambro Storage Solutions.

Click here to see more great shelving and storage solutions, or contact one of our friendly representatives for more information.

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