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Little Glass, Big Ideas

Little Glass, Big Ideas

Let’s face it; kitchen space is a precious commodity. Now more than ever you need glassware that is multi-purpose, glassware that can give you more than one use per day. So just where do you look when you need a glass that can offer you the ultimate in versatility, giving you more than just a way to serve drinks but also endless food presentation and table dressing solutions?


The Chiquito Old Fashioned Glass from Arcoroc really is the epitome of multi-purpose glassware. With a range of uses only limited by your imagination, Chiquito may be Spanish for ‘little ones’ but this glass proves big things really do come in small packages.

Showcasing your favourite beverage is easy with the Chiquito’s classic and simple design. The Chiquito’s timeless shape allows you to turn any drink from a juice to an alcoholic beverage into a feature. But this 230ml glass is not only great for beverages, with a wide opening this glass is also perfect for presenting intricate appetisers, tempting desserts and even delicious breakfast dishes. The beautifully clear glass means that you can layer your food to create flawless arrangements your diners simply won’t be able to resist.  

But why stop there? The Chiquito glass is also the perfect size for creating stunning and innovative centre pieces for your table setting. So why not use these glasses to hold elegant tea light candles or perhaps small flower arrangements to add some colour to your table? Whatever your venue’s décor, the possibilities with the Chiquito glass are endless.

This versatile glass from Arcoroc is also fully tempered and so highly durable, ensuring it can keep up the demands of even the busiest kitchen environment.  The clean design of this glass also ensures it will never go out of style and is sure to be of use on any table setting in any season.

So if you’re looking for a glass that ticks all the boxes and won’t ever waste space or collect dust in your kitchen, the Chiquito Old Fashioned Glass from Arcoroc is an easy choice. Use it to serve perfect beverages, stunning centre pieces, appetisers, desserts and more.

Click here to find out more about this great glass.

How do you use your Chiquito glasses? Let us know and we could feature your innovative ideas here!

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