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Crockery and servingware that works for you.

The Importance of finding crockery and serving ware that works for you.

Running a busy kitchen can often mean making tough choices about your food presentation. Servingware that can handle frequent use and cleaning are crucial for any kitchen wanting to keep up with regular hectic service periods.

So when it comes to crockery, glassware and table dressing, durability and quick rotation are often considered more profitable features than appearance and style.

“It’s the finer details that will show your customers you not only care about your menu but that you’re passionate about creating a one-of-a-kind experience worth coming back for” says David Bull, Chief Executive Officer of Reward Distribution.

“We are proud to be part of a global hospitality company, allowing us to provide a wider variety of products and trends to the Australian market,” says Bull.

New ranges brought to Australia by Reward Distribution include the Neiva crockery range from pro.mundi – a vibrant stoneware range that proves that durability and style really can go hand in hand. This exclusive range is created with a firing process that ensures every piece is truly unique. The Neiva range is also immensely versatile, with three bold colours and a range of shapes that can be mixed to suit any menu item.

“We know every business has different needs and our extensive product range means that whatever your focus, we have a solution for you,” says Bull.

Reward Distribution’s new disposable table runners and paper placemats also make updating your look easy and cost-effective. The new and exclusive disposable Lisah table runners are available in 11 vibrant colours and come on a perforated roll, making them ideal for any table size. These stylish runners can also be converted into placemats, making them a truly versatile way to upgrade your style.

“We aim to provide complete solutions for our customers, not just individual products. We want you to be able to come to Reward and find everything you need in one place,” says Bull.

With over 5000 products from napkins to equipment, as well as a growing national team, Reward Distribution are passionate about hospitality and understand the needs of your business.

To see how Reward Distribution can help you call us on 1800 473 927 or discover more of our ranges online at

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